Home Services Industry Marketing

Home Services Industry Marketing

Marketing for the Home Services Industry Professional

When it comes to home services industry marketing, a web presence is crucial. Without the proper online marketing, new clientswon’t be able to find your business and you’ll make it easier for your competitors to keep their client rosters full. We provide marketing services for the Home Services industry.

Our search engine optimization specialists will help to secure the top rankings on all the major search engines so that clients searching for your services (e.g., electrician) will have no trouble finding you to make an appointment. The fact is, a modern home services business should always have a website that is authoritative, educational and most of all, it should be easy to find.

Some of Our Services Include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): New clients are impatient and they’re not going to venture past the first couple of online search results. Our home services SEO specialists will have you reaching the first page for your specialty, ensuring that local clients find you every time.
  • Image Optimization: This is often the most overlooked aspect of search engine optimization. By including tagging and proper placement of images on your websites, you’ll enable even more ways for new clients to find your business.
  • Website Analytics: Want to see how your search engine optimization is coming along? We will provide you with full testing and tracking services, including detailed reports. You’ll be able to track every click, every lead and every visitor in order to determine what’s working and what’s not.
  • Content Creation: When it comes to the search engines, content is king! Our award-winning content creation team will construct authoritative and useful blogs, articles, emails, lead magnets and even press releases, enabling you to send out a web of information that all points back to your enticing and inviting web presence.
  • Video Creation: Really wow new clients with screen capture technology and live motion videos that can educate, inform and invite new clients for a free consultation, or anything else you have in mind.
  • Video Marketing: We’ll provide you with complete access to offsite video properties and video networks that will enable you to make full use of this marketing technique that is currently taking the world by storm.
  • Directory Submission: Our highly-skilled team will make sure that your website and all other aspects of your web presence are submitted to the top web directories online. We’ll submit to the top directories to make sure that your business name and contact information is everywhere it needs to be.
  • Link Generation: Search engine optimization requires both on and off-site optimization, which involves the use of links. Using natural backlinks and anchor text, we will generate a vast network of links that will ensure that new clients are always just one click away.
  • Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and that’s only three of the dozens of social networks that are constantly popping up online. Who has time to update a Facebook page daily? Who has time to send out regular Tweets to devoted followers? We do. That’s why you hire us. We’ll set up attractive social networking profiles with fully-customizable backgrounds. We’ll add content, create groups and we’ll make sure to add plenty of friends/followers in order to spread the word as much as possible about your businesses brand.
  • Social Media: Bookmark your site on social media sites and get noticed by the millions who visit these sites each and every day.
  • Email Marketing: How would you like to build a highly-targeted list comprised of dedicated prospects and clients? In order to capture targeted email addresses, we’ll set up a capture page, an autoresponder email series and we’ll even create the emails that will keep your subscribers entertained and, most of all, subscribed.
  • Offline Marketing: Our specialties go offline, too. We’ll create the ultimate home service specialty oriented newsletters, direct mail campaigns and more. Offline marketing is making a comeback as most marketers head online. Be one of the first to return to this ultra-effective means of widening your practice’s exposure and patient roster.
  • Business Automation: Our helpful team can get you set up with a virtual secretary that will help you outsource your menial tasks and will also keep you organized, two things most home service industry professionals need desperately.

We also specialize in Paid Media Campaigns that offer an alternative to organic SEO. Paid media advertising provides quick results, even in the most competitive markets. While SEO takes time, paid advertising can provide almost instantaneous results. This makes paid media campaigns a great idea for the home services business that wants to get things cooking now, instead of waiting for SEO to kick in. Of course, these paid advertising methods can be lumped together with long-term SEO techniques for a supercharged web presence with plenty of buzz.

Some of the paid traffic sources we provide include:

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC): Using paid advertising platforms like Google’s Adwords or the ones provided by Bing ,Yahoo!, Facebook and others, your patients will easily be able to find you, and all while sticking to your preapproved budget.
  • Pay-Per-View (PPV) or Cost-Per-View (CPV): This high-impact advertising model has been proven to increase brand awareness and exposure, and it’s also considered one of the most cost-effective marketing methods available today.
  • Mobile Marketing: Mobile phones are everywhere, and most people never leave home without theirs. Use this all-in-one device to boost your visibility with current and past clients and use text campaigns, location based mobile social networking and mobile coupons with 2D bar codes in order to generate more new clients. Or, we can even create a specialized app for the iPhone or Android to take your mobile marketing campaigns even further.
  • Contextual Ad Placement: We know exactly where your ad should go in order to generate the best response. We’ll use eye-catching image ads, attention-grabbing banner ads, and even content ads that are all designed to steal clicks away from your competitors.
  • Email List Rental Promotions: Why build your own list when you can rent a highly-targeted list in order to generate support for your new promotion?

With our paid marketing campaigns, your ads will appear on relevant search pages for clients searching for your specialty. Or, they’ll show up on the mobile phones of clients in your area. Whatever your goals, with a correctly budgeted paid media campaign, your business will generate instant leads nearly overnight!

Discover the power that comes from highly-targeted organic search traffic by contacting us for a no-hassle strategy session today.